We are Liveaboards

Oyster 406

We have done it!

On the 15th July we moved onto the boat. We had no idea what a momentous day it was to become. Not only did we leave our home of 25 years but we also became grandparents at the same time. We arrived on Sephina and as usual my wife had the place organised, clothes hung up and put away, myriads of items stowed and we went to the Quay's Hotel for dinner as we were exhausted. The bottle of champagne to announce the arrival of Luke David at a whopping 4.74Kg went straight to our heads. The next morning the folding bikes were put into service as we cycled to the shops which will have to be out usual mode of transport as we wean ourselves off the cars. The order of the next few days will be more storage of items and getting in some engine hours. Its not a bad life.