Peri and Thornton

Peri Hi, this is our section of the website, what ever that is. It is our turn to have our say. We are two Siamese cats and live an on Oyster 406. It is our new home after 9 years on land. There are good and bad things and things that make us very confused but we take it all in our stride. My name is Peri and I am the boss. My side kick is Thornton who thinks he is a bit too special to be living with me but I bring him down to reality as often as I can. Well so far this is what has happened.

Thornton Sorry for the delay but we are trying to get to grips with this internet thing. Peri is computer illiterate so I have to sort out the access when our owners are away and boy are they away a lot. How come Apple haven't worked out that cats paws are bigger than the keys. Luckily I am a thorough bred cat and know how to use my pads to press the keys. Well, it's  day 28 of our captivity on this yacht and we are just learning how to live and survive. Escape seems pointless so we'll have to make the most of it. As I write I can see poor cats on the breakwater trying to eek out a living by begging from locals. I guess we are privileged.