A Coruna


Our first night in port and some serious celebrating was required. Clive took the crew out for a slap up meal in the main square where there was a festival and live entertainment.

We had Moet, plenty of wine and then I made the unwise decision to have a rum and coke. The waiter brought what I can only describe as a fish bowl half full of ice and then poured rum in to cover the ice.  I had two of those and then lamented that I didn’t have an Irish coffee when we were in Ireland so why not have an Irish coffee in Spain. I vaguely remember attacking it using a straw to try and suck the coffee out without disturbing the cream layer. The shame!  That’s how to celebrate crossing Biscay!


Phil and Ray arranged their flights back home so Clive and I were once more on our own. They were an absolute godsend on the trip over and made the night watches bearable. It was good to see Phil again and catch up with family news and Ray was such a good find, we were lucky to have his knowledge and experience for the crossing. They’ll both be missed.


My only experience of Spain to date was about 20 years ago when we were holidaying in the South of France and drove over the border one day to go to a beach and have paella. I couldn’t wait to get back to France but how wrong I was to judge the whole country by that one experience.

A Coruna is a lovely town, plenty of bars and restaurants so we’ve eaten out most of the time. The people are charming and their way of life is so different to ours. They work 10 - 2pm and then have a siesta and go back to work 5 - 9pm . Slightly confusing for us when we went shopping the first time and everywhere was closed but we’ve adjusted our clocks to their pace.  They’re very family oriented and at 9pm they all come out in their finery and parade around. The old dears look like they’re off to church and they stop and chat to each other in the square. Hence no feral youth!  We’ve also mastered the art of weaving in and out of traffic on our bikes. There’s no angry driving over here and I don’t think I’ve even heard a horn being blasted. They even accept bikes on the pavements.


The cats are totally chilled and enjoy their walks. This morning we went up to the marina cafe for croissant and coffee and there were some minute birds hopping around the tables to tempt the boys. Thornton went into shaking ‘I want to eat you’ mode and Peri just sat there mesmerised as the birds are so much smaller than the ones back in Wales. These  would be perfect bite size for them. If only......