Goodbye Spain


When we left A Caruna our next stop was a very small marina called Camerinos. No English spoken so we communicated in French! A very small port but instantly loved.

Next stop was Portosin where we refuelled and tried to eat in the marina restaurant. There was some sort of committee meeting going on (wheel tappers and shunters) and they didn’t open for food until 9pm so we ate onboard with the boys and started to watch the series ‘Homeland’ recommended by Carina. No shops for days so I was desperate to get back to civilisation.

Final stop in Spain was Baiona which (praise the lord) had shops. I bought a perfect black bag to replace my tired Kipling rucsac and can now happily fit my camera, mini ipad, phone etc in it with ease. And a bargain at €22. We’ve also started to only buy bottles of wine under €2 in the supermarkets and so far we haven’t been disappointed.

Bit of a faux pas at elevenses on the first morning. We stopped for a coffee and ordered some croquettes. They were so cheap we got the quantity wrong and ended up with 17 of them! Eating out is ridiculously cheap here so I’m saving my M&S tinned meals for leaner times.

I have a confession to make.  I hurt my little toe and had to buy some comfortable shoes to wear as my flip flops were too tricky when sailing. And......... I bought some crocs. I know, the shame! I’ve always had a loathing for crocs but I have to admit (begrudgingly) that once I’d got over the look of them they are actually really comfortable. They may even become my favourite shoes. Ok, maybe I’ll wait until my toe is better before making such rash statements.

We had live entertainment on Saturday afternoon as there was a car parked on the marina slipway and the tide came in and creeping up the car. A huge crowd gathered to watch and eventually a tow truck turned up and after a lot of wheel spinning managed to drag the car to dry land. Round of applause for the driver.

On Sunday the Spanish equivalent of the tour de France went through town. Clive and I dutifully joined the crowds to cheer them on. Half the Spanish police force bikes went passed to start with and I can only imagine that criminals would’ve had a field day in their absence. The number of support vehicles was ridiculous and one of the medics was driving a sports car!

Peri managed to get tangled up in the fly trap paper that was in the kitchen. What a mess, poor boy. I've ditched that idea as a way of trapping flies and will revert to the fly swat. It's actually very rewarding.