We are in the Canaries.

Well more of that later. The trip from Porto Santo to Madeira was very enjoyable. We managed some sailing and the last part, drifting into Quinta do Lorde was delightful. The marina was chosen as reports of berthing in Funchal were not good. Rafting up and poor facilities were not on our list of marina highlights. So what of Quinta do Lorde?  What a surprise, from the greeting by the fast rib, to fuelling and to mooring up, the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. The formalities were quickly done and the marina is part of a hotel and apartment complex with pools, beach club and bar,. and all accessible at a discount. We hired a car and went to the next village with our crew mate Kevin to search out a local fish restaurant. We just looked for where the locals were and this proved to be a fantastic choice, fresh fish and low prices. All three of us couldn’t believe it. We subsequently looked it up on trip advisor and we were not the only ones to enjoy it. The next day Kevin became our tour guide as he had been to Funchal before. We did the usual, cable car, restaurant and road sledge, very popular here! The next few days passed in bliss but the highlight was afternoon tea at Reed's Palace. Kevin had booked it for us via Catharine his wife as they had sampled it before. It was truly fantastic. The sandwiches were sublime, the scones to die for and the tea just right. The view was also fantastic. A bit of old British tradition that has survived and long may it do so.  The next day we went to Santana to view old Madeira. A bit touristy but the thatched houses were quaint. The next day saw our departure for Tenerife. Another two nights at sea, but this time in very calm conditions. No need for stugeron! The arrival was again under sail and we quietly slipped in at dawn to Marina Tenerife. You are meant to book, but being there seems to ensure they squeeze you in! So we are in the Canaries after a journey of 2004 miles. We had to say goodbye to Kevin as he flies back to Lagos. Part of the delight of this adventure is the people you meet. You couldn’t meet a nicer person than Kevin, quiet, funny, resourceful and makes a mean sandwich. We will miss him greatly.