I know I said that I wouldn’t write anything until we started to move again but I have to just make an entry on my visit to the UK.

I’ve been lucky enough to go back for a week and just by luck was able to see both daughters together. As Steph is also abroad a lot this was such a treat. We had a group girlie hug when we met up and the one day that our visit overlapped was pure heaven. We went to Liverpool 1 with grandson Luke and as if I haven’t had enough the choice of venue for lunch was The Salthouse, which is a tapas restaurant!

My son in law is a Liverpool fan (it’s more important than religion to him) so I had to go into the Everton shop and get a picture of Luke with an Everton T-shirt. Son in law was not amused! Nor was he impressed by my attempts to get Luke interested in Barbie dolls when we went shopping. He’s such a joy to wind up.

The week was a treat for me, spending time with them all and seeing my grandson being doted on. I left the UK so soon after he was born and it’s hard to know how things are going when you’re so far away so I found it very reassuring to see first hand that all was well.

I managed to see my hairdresser Russel for a much needed cut and also caught up with ‘the gang’ and, even though I’d bought a return train ticket to Chester, I ended up crashed out at my friend Cherry’s house after her usual sumptuous, thrown together without a recipe dinner. I have such good friends I feel truly blessed! They’re such fun and always there when you need them.

It felt very strange being in Prestatyn again and I had no desire to go to have a look at our house which is currently rented out.

Returning to Tenerife felt like going home. I know that sounds strange but that’s where Clive is, the cats and the boat. Home is where the heart is!

When I got back to the boat the cats were noticeably fatter and have been having smaller, more frequent meals, so that’s the way forward from now on.

Before I went to the UK we had a visit from a friend of ours who stayed with us for a week. As he had a hire car we were able to explore the island a bit and we managed to get to Mount Teide.

We’ve got another week in Tenerife before we move on to Las Palmas so I’ll resume my story then.