Marina Tenerife Port No 17

We arrived in the northern most marina in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Monday, 23rd October. There are two marinas in Santa Cruz and the oldest is the Marina Tenerife. It is quiet, very Spanish and despite a frosty reception for not booking as they were "very busy" we have been able to enjoy a long stay and have only seen 5 other boats arrive in three weeks and there are still vacant berths. There is a great marina restaurant and befitting the description above only opens 10:30 am until 4pm, closed on Mondays. Only Spanish is spoken and it is frequented by locals, some of whom seem to own boats! The marina is 3 miles away from Santa Cruz capital with all its shops, restaurants and bars. It is a mile and a half away from San Andres with the best beach onTenerife. No high rises, no hotels and again frequented by locals. There is a cycle way from San Andres past the marina to Santa Cruz and it is alway busy with joggers, walkers and cyclists. We have taken to using the folding bikes most days to cycle into town. Early on we discovered a small local pavement cafe in town with fast internet access and we have visited frequently. I have also discovered how to download BBC iPlayer content in the cafe, transfer and play it to the TV on the boat. However I am refusing to do Eastenders!  Santa Cruz is a great town and it is definitely a place one could settle in. Good job we have to keep moving. One of our great friends came over from the Uk to visit us for a week and we did the tourist things including a visit up Teide. The mountain itself is impressive but the caldera (larger crater caused by the emptying of the magma following an eruption) is huge and stretches for miles appearing to be a mountain range in itself. We also discovered some fine restaurants in the week which we have repeatedly visited. So the next stop is the final one before the Atlantic crossing. We are not rushing as we know it will be a bustle and it is so nice here!

PS... Just as I am finishing this post the phone rings. Daughter No2 is on a cruise in the Med and rings to tell us she is engaged. Well what a perfect start to a day. She will be joining us with her partner or I should now say fiancé, to sail across the Atlantic. Caribbean wedding.......?