We are back online

After we crossed the Atlantic our pace slowed down and so did the updates to the website. The lack of updates was compounded by the repeated hacking of our website. For the technical, we used Joomla content management system. Free and powerful but a little clunky to work with. The version available at the time was 1.5. To update it to more recent versions was a big task as it was a lengthy manual process. Preparing the boat was more important. Unfortunately security vulnerabilities started to be exploited by hackers. Eventually our site was attacked once a week and the internet hosting company took it off line until the vulnerability was fixed. The latest version Joomla 3.3 has much better security and so the task began to port all the content to the new version. This was no easy task. I was helped by my friend Phil who started the process. After 3 weeks of daily fiddling I finally have a version that can go live. It is still work in progress as it needs to be dressed up a bit but all the content is there. We have just completed the articles from Rodney Bay to St Vincent and the Grenadines. where we are now. We are now up to date.