Christmas In Marigot Bay

After several days chilling out in Rodney Bay, Sephina was on the move again. This time a very short downwind hop to Marigot Bay. Our friends on Kika who finished the ARC+ had bende sent to Marigot Bay to clear out of Rodney Bay for the big ARC fleet arrival. They had been there for some time and Jon had flown home for Christmas to be with his family. Colin was left minding Kika so we invited him for Christmas dinner. The arrival in Marigot Bay is quite special as it is a very narrow deep entrance that opens up into a spectacular hurricane hole. There is a marina in the lagoon that accepts superyachts and it is a marvel how they get in there. We took a mooring in the inner bay just in front of Kika. Matt and Steph were still with us and we made several visits to the local bars and restaurants. One of the famous ones is Dr Doolittle's named after the film. Many reviews in Tripadvisor comment that the name is apt as apart from the setting the food is mediocre and the staff “do little”. The night before Christmas Eve it started to rain. In the morning and throughout the day it continued, not drizzle but torrential rain. We would be missing our traditional Christmas Eve party which we always held at home for our friends but Steph and Matt delivered superb party fare to compensate. Christmas morning dawned and the rain had stopped. It had been raining solidly for 36 hours, which became known as the Christmas Tropical Wave. It wreaked havoc across the Windward Islands and on St Lucia 5 people died and many more on other islands. Roads were washed away and there was no water or electricity. Luckily we were self-sufficient on the yacht with our water maker and generator so the turkey was put in the oven and we went out for a drink at the local hotel. On our return the roast potatoes were made ready and with some good wine the 5 of us had a full traditional Christmas spread. As is family tradition we watched a film in the early evening slept through most of it and went to bed. Perfect.