On my own...

So, news from us just ground to a halt in January after some idiot managed to hack into the website, but we’re back now and I’ll try and give a flavour of the missing months.

The first few weeks I’d rather forget about as Clive was taken ill, went to see a doctor, had various tests that were inconclusive so he flew back to the UK for a CT scan.  It turned out to be kidney stones, which was a relief, but he needed an operation. 

I’d remained in St.Lucia as we though Clive would only be gone for a week. One week turned into two and I was lucky to have friends on another boat  in the marina as news from the UK was very limited and I wasn’t sure what was going on with Clive.  I started to go stir crazy.  During this time he was staying with our eldest who had just gone back to work after her maternity leave and Luke was teething so she was having quite a stressful time.  She returned home one day to find him doubled up in pain and immediately took him to her local hospital where he remained for a couple of nights heavily sedated.  It was at this point that I packed a bag and returned to the UK to join him.  I had to quickly find somewhere to leave the cats and the local vet seemed a safe option.  I wasn’t at all happy with the condition that they’d be living in but I tried not to think about it too much.

It’s at times like this that I’m grateful to have such good friends as I emailed my dear friend Cherry to ask if we could stay with her and she opened her home to us for as long as we wanted. Clive was out of hospital and had so much medication that he had to carry a bag a round with him.  He had a couple of hospital appointments and a few more tests but when he saw the consultant was given the all clear to go back to St.Lucia.  It was lovely to see family and friends again even though it was for all the wrong reasons but we made the most of our impromptu visit and I had some precious cuddles with Luke.

Back in St.Lucia and CJ met us at the airport. I couldn’t wait to rescue the cats and we went there first.  They were huddled together, cowering in the corner of the room and looking very scared.  Poor babies, I promised never to do that again to them. They were so relieved to be back on the boat and couldn’t stop purring and following us around.


By now we were into March and were still in St.Lucia. We’d decided to stay in the marina for a couple more weeks to make sure that Clive was fit and well before moving anywhere.

This was a turning point for us. If we were going to ship Sephina back to the Mediterranean then we’d need to start heading north to be in St. Thomas for April.  This would mean that we’d see nothing south of St.Lucia and I knew that in years to come we’d regret having come all the way across the Atlantic only to miss out on a big chunk of the Caribbean, so we decided to stay for another year. As simple as that!


Decision made, we started to head south.