Off South

The time has come where we must finally start to go south. We have booked into Port Louis Marina Grenada for 6 months starting June 1st. The idea is to be enough south to reduce the risk of hurricanes and be within striking distance of a refuge if one does come. From Grenada it is 12 hours sail to Trinidad and they have not had a hurricane in recorded history. So after over 3 months in Rodney Bay it was time to prepare to go to sea again. As Sephina has been in the water for over 12 months we arranged a lift out to clean the bottom and replace the 5 anodes that protect the metal from corrosion. Rodney Bay has a big travel lift so it was very easy. The copper coat had performed well as apart from some small molluscs the bottom was relatively clean. On the 22nd March we set off to Marigot Bay to get used to sailing again. We stayed for a few days and arranged to take the cats to the government vets in Castries to have the export permits. These are required in the next country, St Vincent and the Grenadines before they are allowed to be imported. We checked ourselves out in the customs office and had a temporary permit issued to stop over night in the Pitons area before crossing the water to St Vincent. We moored in Malgretout just to the north of Petit Piton and had a great dinner in Harmony Beach Bar and set off early the next day for St Vincent. The open water between St Lucia and St Vincent takes you into the Atlantic swell. The last time we were there at the end of the Transatlantic waves were large but luckily they were much calmer. The last part as you approach the northern tip of St Vincent cut up a bit rough but we soon had the lee of the land and all settled down. After another couple of hours we arrived at Young Island where we had arranged for Sam’s Taxi Tours to clear us into customs and immigration and the government vet to clear the cats for import. All went to plan and we picked the vet up in the dinghy to check the cats on board. We had arrived at our next country.