Peri  It’s been so long since I checked in with everyone but I’ve been through quite a lot of trauma and even thought my life had come to an end at one point. One of the owners went missing for a long time and then the other one disappeared as well leaving us in a horrible room where we sat for days and days wondering what we’d done wrong. Thornton and I decided to put our differences behind us and tried a bit of bonding. It was hell. No cuddles, no familiar smells, no one even talked to us and they treated us like we were dumb animals. It was horrendous!.  Just when I was about to give up all hope I heard familiar voices and we were whisked away back to our beloved home with all our familiar smells and lots and lots and lots of cuddles. My purr box nearly exploded and I forgave them instantly. Thornton and I couldn’t work our why all this had happened but we were just so relieved to be back. The owners must’ve felt sorry for us as they gave us a new scratching box and a new mouse that smelt of my favourite catnip. Life was now back on track.