Thornton Not again.. That motor started at 7am and then the world started to move again. Another day to sleep while the owners fuss about looking at sea maps and engage in some sort of ritual of spotting boats. Had a good stand off with Peri this afternoon but let him get the best spot in the end. As he can't climb the stairs I some times escape to the top of them and just look at him... No walk again today.


Whoopee, we’re in port, the sun’s out, there’s a lovely breeze and we had tuna as a treat last night when we arrived. We’ve been on deck quite a lot and people keep making funny noises when they see us. Not sure what they’re saying but they’re smiling so I guess they like us. We had some other people onboard for a while last night. I’ve seen them before from another place we went to but I don’t know how they got here as well, it’s all very confusing. Thornton's getting right up my nose. He keeps jumping up onto shelves that I can't reach and then just sits there smirking at me.