Big Trauma

Peri I'm traumatised! Last night I was on the kitchen worktop (I know I'm not allowed) when my tail brushed against a horrible sticky thing that my owners have put out to catch flies. I ran around as quickly as I could but couldn't shake it off. They were shouting and chasing me and I thought I was really in trouble but they were just trying to help. They pinned me on the bed and ripped it off. Ouch! Then they tried to wash the goo off with some foul smelling stuff. No good. I spent the night licking and pulling my fur. In the middle of the night I coughed up a fur ball and I've never done that before. I take pride in my coat and people always say how silky I am. I'm not happy. My tongue is very tired this morning and my owners attacked me with some scissors and a razor. I'm not being funny but there are some areas I like to keep private.

Thornton Yawn, more Peri attention seeking going on. When will the owners wake up to his tricks. Jobs seem to have stopped so my guess is the dreaded noisy beast will be on tomorrow and we will be rocking and rolling and I don't mean to the music. Time to catch a nap for then next 24 hours...

Snoop and Sox from North Wales are following Peri's blog so hi to them. Peri needs to remember despite the contact we are only very very distant cousins. And I am sure their owner is responsible for that infernal noisy thing that our owner seems to drool over and certainly pays more attention to it than us.


Peri Hi Snoop and Sox and thanks for the email. At last I've found some friends that understand what I'm going through! Thornton's been quite horrible and smirking at me. I still feel uncomfortable and am keeping my bum firmly on deck so any passing admirers can't see that my fur is shorter on one leg than the other