Other Cats

Peri 20/9

We’ve been in a very nice port for a few days but no sign of a walk yet. We’ve had plenty of deck time so have been able to have a nosey at the neighbours. There are some very strange cats on land. They’re all white and seem to just roam about on their own, no sign of any owners. That may be why we can’t go on land. Maybe they’re savages or full of diseases. I don’t fancy a fight and definitely don’t fancy any horrible disease. I had a good look at one and his eyes were different colours, one was blue and the other one yellow. Weird!  I wonder if they see things differently out of each eye?


Our owners got dressed up and went off somewhere leaving Trevor in charge of us. I did think about hiding but Trevor seems ok. I don’t think he really ‘got’ us to start with. For the first couple of days he looked at us as if we were going to pounce on him and scratch his eyes out. He must’ve had a very bad experience with cats so I feel sorry for him.  We’re not all bad so I’m trying to show him how nice we can be. I woke him up the other night playing with his flip flops but he didn’t shout at me so I left him my frog in his flip flops to say thank you. I think he may be warming to us now. Thornton slept at the bottom of his bed which I thought was going a bit too far, but he got a way with it, so I gave it a go and really stretched out. I don’t think he minded too much.