One Owner Leaves...

Peri It's been a funny few weeks. Not a lot of movement but my favourite owner disappeared for  a few days and the other one who usually does all the things upstairs had to look after us. We ended up getting at least 2 breakfasts and  plenty of play time.  When the owner came back she commented on how I looked much better and she's going to keep up the extra meals as she prefers me a bit fatter.   Cheek!

We've been sunbathing on deck a lot as well as it's been really hot.  The seats are now soft and cushiony and it's a lot more comfortable when rolling about up there.  They've also put some big pillows up there so it's like a big den. I still like to hide in the laundry bag if it's around though. It gives the owners a bit of a panic when they can't see me.

Strange things happen when we go downstairs sometimes as they put on a machine that makes a noise and after a while it feels cold, like being in a fridge. I've worked out where the cold air comes in but it's too cold to sit right up against it so I just sit within wafting distance.

Thornton We have been far and to places I know not. But the good news is the wobbling has become much easier to bear, firstly because you get used to it and secondly because it has gone on for a shorter time. The longest recently was two nights so not too bad. We had a whole 3 weeks with our house parked in a quite place and our owners went out most days on top of the two wheel machines. The temperature is very pleasant. I'm not sure about these walks the owners get excited about. I do my best to humour them but I have taken to sitting down more often. They soon give up the dragging and we get to walk back to the moving house. I think they have plans for more of them but I have a plan also. In this park there are lots of other moving houses and everybody seems to be getting ready for something. I wonder what it is. Must be fun, as why else would they busy themselves. I need to try and understand this "ARC" word that seems to be all over the place. I hope there is space for Peri and me as if it is the one I am thinking about there is only space for two of a kind. Paws crossed.