Early November 2013

Peri We’ve been at this place for some time now and there’s plenty to look at from where we are. Lots of big boats going past and some little blow up boats with just one person. This morning one of the owners was putting together lots of pieces of coloured things they called ‘flags’ and I thought it was a good game so dived into the pile at his feet. He shouted at me, so it wasn’t a game after all. Later on he strung them all up in the air out of my reach. I'm not sure if he wants me to go after them or not but they're too high for me.

We’ve got a nice new mat in the bedroom which is very soft and spongey. It’s right by their bathroom and gets quite wet when they come out after they've covered themselves in water, but I don’t mind, it’s so comfortable.

Yesterday, the other owner was putting things away in her wardrobe and I managed to climb in to have a good look around. It 's quite deep and has some secret shelves at the back to climb on. Then the door closed and everything went dark. It was good fun to start with and I thought she was being playful. After a while I realised that they hadn’t noticed I was missing, so I started to crash about and miaow as loud as I could. I heard them calling me and eventually she opened the door and I fell out onto the floor. Very undignified but I was so pleased to see her and she gave me lots of cuddles. Thornton didn't help when they were looking for me. I won't forget that!


There have been people coming to visit and spend time chatting to the owners who put out bits of food for them. Last night some of these people brought some biscuits for me and Thornton and they made a fuss of us. They were Thornton's favourite biscuit and he went crazy this morning when the owners opened the pack. I know his weak point now!!