What just happened!

Peri Wowwwwww !! What just happened? Thornton and I hadn’t seen land for weeks and were starting to think that maybe everywhere had sunk. There was a lot of activity from the owners and I tried sitting on the table with all the controls to see if I could work out what was going on. There was always someone in bed to snuggle up to which in itself was a bit weird but they took to sleeping in turn so I wasn’t complaining.

I managed to perfect my walk as the boat rolled about and I kept my belly low. The owners laughed at me which was a bit cruel but I got the last laugh as they got covered in bruises from falling over and crashing into things.

Thornton became even more of a show off and developed some awesome muscles in his back legs. He looked like he was doing everything in slow motion and had that stupid smirk on his face.

We’re in a very hot place now and have been for walks along the big pontoon. Some of the people on the big boats here have stopped what they’ve been doing and come over to stroke us. Maybe they’ve never seen cats here. Another result for us!!

We’ve also had a few admirers calling especially to meet us as they’d read our blog and wanted to say hello. We’ve actually become quite famous now.

The food here is a bit weird. Some of the stuff they put down for us is bright red with yellow chewy bits. We refused to have any of it to start with but then when we got hungry and tried it we found out that it’s quite nice really.

The owners behaviour is still a bit erratic and I think they were affected by the long journey. Every now and then one of them runs along the boat and jumps into the water. They then splash about with some floating things and throw a ball to each other. There’s a lot of laughing so I think they are enjoying themselves. Thornton doesn’t seem overly worried but I’m still a bit concerned for them all.

Last week they decorated where we sit and put out some things that lit up and flashed and then they put out a red cloth on the table and cooked something that smelt familiar. It tasted yummy when they gave us some of the meat from this huge thing that came out of the oven. They also gave things to each other that they had covered in red paper. That was my favourite bit of the day as I got to rip it up on the floor.


It all seemed familiar, but not so familiar. I couldn’t quite put my paw on what it was.