ARC Day 6 Rain and the ARK

This is Peri and Thornton the ship’s cats here. 

OK we now get it. Our captors/owners started going to a shed in N.Wales 3 years ago and continued to go there every Saturday for 2 years. We had no idea what they were doing but parcels started to arrive at the house from Mailspeedmarine, Force 4, MarineSuperstore and ebay activity was significantly up. With that clue and the numerous boat magazines littering the house we guessed they were building a boat. But why? And then it hit us. North Wales is very rainy and this ARC thing was really code for the second ARK. This was confirmed when we learned it was all being coordinated by the “Bishop” or Andrew to his friends. Unlike the first ARK this was going to be a collection of small boats each taking two animals. As two cats we knew we were on Sephina. As we made our way to the meeting up of the other ARK boats we realized they were all different. Luckily there was one big enough to take the two elephants but we were concerned that they didn’t seem to have one for the giraffes but perhaps they had to lie down. It also seems that everyone wanted to take the monkeys as we saw a chap called “Jerry” testing out the climbing frames. Luckily he didn’t choose ours. As we left we saw the two cockroaches board but we are not saying on which boat just yet!

Peri and Thornton (At Sea)