ARC Day 10 - Interrupted Cat Naps

It’s been an odd week since we set off from land and the owners are behaving very strangely.  

They’ve developed some odd routines and rituals.  When I go to bed, my favorite owner is there to cuddle me and we have a lovely snooze for a few hours and then suddenly bells start ringing and she shoots out of bed, gets dressed and puts on a big vest/jacket. I ignored this for the first couple of nights but then I thought I’d follow her to see where she was going.  She went upstairs into the dark and then sat there alone with a flask of coffee. She was reading her book thing but I don’t understand why she had to go upstairs in the dark to do this.  She does this every night and then after a few hours she comes back down and goes to bed again. I don’t get it. 

Matt has started to act strangely as well.  He keeps putting his vest/jacket on and going to the back of the boat with a pole and piece of line with something dangling on the end of it. He then throws this thing into the water and watches it. I don’t see the fun in this but he keeps popping upstairs to look at it and seems fascinated for some reason.

And one day there was a lot of shouting and everyone ran upstairs to watch Matt pulling something out of the water.  It was a fish as big as me. Matt was very excited and then got really cross with the fish and hit it over the head a few times with a hammer. I think he was cross because the fish had tried to eat the thing he likes to watch in the water.

It’s only been a week and they’re all behaving quite erratically.  I’ve spoken to Thornton to voice my concerns and will continue to monitor the situation and keep notes. I think maybe they’ve been sitting upstairs in the sun for too long.  I’m very fond of them all so would hate for anything to happen to them, but I’m also aware that I need to keep an eye on them as they provide our food and see to our needs. Without them we’re in trouble as we have no idea where our home is moving to.

Peri (The cute one)