Peri 28/12

It’s been a very busy few weeks since the owners got back and we’ve done a lot of moving about.  It’s so exciting to get upstairs and see a new view.  A few days ago we went to visit the owners’ friends in their moving house.  Thornton went all gooey because he likes Debbie but I prefer to work on Stephen as he’s not overly in love with us, yet!  I egged Thornton to go and lie on their posh bed and he stretched out on Stephen’s side.  The owners thought it was hilarious and took pictures.  It was Debbie’s birthday and we were special guests so Stephen had to put up with us.  To be fair I think he does actually like us now but just doesn’t want to admit it.  We usually win people over.  They had a lot more places to play hide and seek in and I found a laundry basket to sit in.


At the moment we’re in a little bit of water surrounded by hills and there are some smart buildings on the land.  There are some little boat things that go and pick people up from their houses on the water and take them to a place where I can see them eating.  


The owner has been worried about Thornton as he’s coughing and looking a bit thin these days, he hasn’t been eating much.  My favourite owner tried him on that fat chicken meat that they have at this time of year.  He ate a bit of that but when she opened a tin of tuna he went crazy.  I think he’s just getting old and fussy.  He’s enjoying lying up in the sun and being brushed a lot.