North by North West

Quite a lot has happened in the last few weeks.

We left the boat park in Grenada and the noisy thing in the kitchen has rumbled a few times as we have been going North. I know it is North because there is a pointer near the steering wheel that I look at occasionally, the boat boss owner never seems to take any notice of it as he seems to spend his time playing video games on a screen near it. Some times the noisy thing is turned off and we still seem to be going north quite quickly. Along the way we have met some of our old friends, a man who makes covers for things and his children who are very good looking, the nice vet inspection lady in Blue Lagoon who knows us so well she didn't even bother to ruffle our fur. We have seen a lot of Stephen and Debbie and the berk Peri thinks he has converted Stephen to a cat lover. He is deluding himself, come to think of it he is deluded most of the time! 

After the first week I started to feel a bit unwell and went off my food. I have been having a nagging tooth ache and one day I ate a hard biscuit and it got stuck on my bad tooth. I shrieked and ran crazy to the back bedroom. Our favourite owner spotted my angst and gave me cuddles. Over the next couple of weeks she kept looking at me and said I was getting thin. Flipping cheek, that implied I was fat before. I know our owners are always on some sort of diet but please, have I ever needed to diet? Well eventually I found it hard to eat anything and I took to curling up and sleeping for most of the day. I know I do a lot of that anyway but this was extreme. When we arrived at the boat park in Rodney Bay the big owner agreed I needed to see an animal doctor. When we arrived I recognised him as a very sweet man called Dr Scotland. I remember nothing after that and woke up at home with my favourite owner wiping blood from my face. The animal doctor must have slipped me a few vodka martinis as I couldn't walk in a straight line. I know they were vodka martinis as I have seen Debbie walk the same way many times. I noticed Peri getting jealous when I smiled and swotting me. I checked in the mirror and the animal doctor has given me a Hollywood smile. Peri says it must be ultrasound! He reads too many trash celebrity gossip magazines. The upshot is I am as handsome as ever and can eat anything and  the owners say I am ready for a trip to Martinique in France which is chique. The boss boat owner needs to look at the thing near the steering wheel more often as I hate to tell him France is 3000 miles due east!