Peri 13/2

Thornton hasn’t been too well lately so I’ve been going easy on him.  The last V.E.T. that he was bundled off to spoke very strangely and Thornton couldn’t understand a word that he was saying.  Then the owners also started to jabber on strangely, nodding and waving their hands about.  Poor Thornton had to have that thing stuck up his bottom again while he was there.  I don’t get what that’s about.  When he got back to the boat he told me all about his little boat ride and what the town was like.  The owners then had to put drops of liquid in his bad eye everyday.  It’s still closed but I have seen him open it if something gives him a fright.  Just to add to his woes he got a cold and kept sneezing all the time.  They started to call him ‘Snuffles’ and gave him even more attention.  He’s gone very thin so I let him have best pickings at meal time.  The other night the owners came back with a whole stash of meat for us, leftovers from a barbecue, and we both loved tucking in to it and then slept very well.  

On the whole I’ve been looking out for him and have been very nice so I hope he remembers that when he gets his strength back.