Up to Nevis

We left Nelson’s Dockyard and headed to Jolly Harbour, a short sail up the coast of Antigua where we anchored just outside and went in to the marina in the dinghy.  

It was very much like Port Grimaud in the south of France with houses surrounding the entrance to the marina, their own private docks at the end of each garden.

The next day we sailed over to Nevis and the crossing was very uncomfortable with everything flying around downstairs.  The cats sensibly found a safe place to curl up until it all settled down.

We arrived just off Charleston and on our first day struggled to find somewhere to eat in town.  There were 2 Chinese restaurants but we settled on a restaurant that Princess Diana had taken William and Harry to eat.  We did try Goldcoast Chinese another day and it was just as you’d expect.  Over 100 menu choices and our meal was rustled up in no time and tasted delicious.

We were joined by Amelie, Bubbles and Babes after a couple of days and the partying got into full swing again.  We discovered a fantastic new Indian restaurant on the beach and went there a couple of nights, ending up dancing away to a live band.

We booked to do an island taxi tour and were lucky to have John Paris who was a real gentleman and talked non stop (bless him) for the whole tour.  We saw where Alexander Hamilton was born (his face is on $10 notes) and where Nelson married Francis Nisbet.  There were some natural sulphur springs where we paddled in the hot water and then stopped off at a couple of plantation inns.  One was where Princess Diana and her boys stayed and another where we had lunch on a terrace overlooking some magnificent tropical gardens with humming birds hovering near by.

The mooring was very windy and I ended going up the mast again, twice.  I’m starting to think that Clive is just making up reasons to send me up there.  A couple of dinghies were lost overnight in the wind and we saw another floating past us at a rate of knots as we sat on deck having breakfast yesterday morning.

Today we decided to head up to the sister island, St.Kitts and after a short journey we arrived at a little anchorage just off the main marina in Basseterre. St.Kitts is the bigger of the two islands so there should be more exploring for us to do.

I’m not sure how long we’ll stay but we’ll see what St.Kitts has to offer.