Peri 5/3

We’ve been moving around a lot recently and seen some interesting places.  There was one where we were attached to land and we got lots of comments from people walking past so Thornton and I smiled nicely for them.  The food has changed a few times as well.  My favourite owner tried serving up something disgusting once but when she put it down in front of us we just looked at it and walked off, AND we were really hungry.  Sometimes you have to put your paw down.  Then they ate ham in front of us.  Thornton got some scraps because his eye’s still closed a bit but I think he’s just putting it on now.  I lay on the sofa trying to look cute and very weak and eventually she gave me a bit of ham as well.  They brought some fish home this week and made a big fuss of chopping it up for us, telling us how nice it was but Thornton and I don’t like Chinese food, it’s far too spicy.  We’ve been with them all our lives and they still don’t know that by now?  I despair.

Where we are now is so windy that when I look over the side upstairs my ears get pinned back and my whiskers go all flat.  It’s quite refreshing but favourite owner panics and worries about me.  I like to keep her keen.