Peri  (lost track of the date!)


I’m all a dither.  One minute we’re chilling on our moving house then we go scooting across some water to see our friends Debbie and Stephen for a sleep over.  We were on best behaviour but Thornton still managed to drop lots of fluff everywhere.  Our favourite owner was equipped with a brush and pan and followed us around.  Stephen now loves us.  OK, he won’t admit it but I understand these reluctant humans.  They don’t want to lose face by admitting that we can be cute and cuddly and an asset to anyone, anywhere. Debbie was a push over from the start and seems to favour Thornton but I don’t care because I know I’ve got so much more to offer.

We’re now in a new home on land.  I’m not sure what’s going on but we go outside on those lead things and have time to check out the wildlife.  There are lots of little things running about on the ground and I’ve tried to catch them but they’re too quick.  Or I’m getting too old.  I’ve managed to open a cupboard in the kitchen with my paw and nose and it freaks the owners out incase I can do the same to the fridge.

Every time they go out and leave us on our own she says “No wild parties while we’re out boys.”  I’m seriously worried about her.  Do they really think we’re going to just sit here and behave?  Dumb humans.