Gel Wash

Week 24. The anchor locker Gel wash looked great but on speaking to Barry from TLC it would look even better with a second coat. Nothing for it but to rub it down so it can take another coat. One of the survey requirements was to bond the "P" bracket to earth. This required grinding away the fibreglass at the top and drilling a hole to attach a cable. This was routed to the hull anode and then the attachment filled with epoxy. One more ticked off the survey list. A few weeks ago we discovered a "Secret" bilge. This was located under the main battery tray and only has a small access slot some 250mm x 150mm on either side of the companion way. It was only found because I dropped a part of the new tap on the galley floor and it bounced and disappeared. I couldn't even get my arm to the bottom of this bilge but luckily my wife could.  At the top there was lots of debris presumably from the original battery tray which had rotted. This week my wife has returned bruised as she has laid across the stringers attempting to clean it out ready for ultimately painting. I am looking forward to posting a before and after pic here but for now here is the before! This has lead me to contemplate a photo section of before and after shots. As only a few jobs are completely finished it may be a bit sparse to begin with.