Is this job finished?

Week 26. Well nearly! There was some satisfaction and disappointment this week. The disappointment was that as I continue to restore the anchor locker lid, the last mix of epoxy filler has not gone off after two days. Nothing for it but to remove it and make sure the mixture is correct. I must be getting over confident. The excitement (OK small things are beginning to please us) is because today my wife and I started to test out the bilge water flow from the bow to the sump after the individual bilges are now clean. My wife suggested using a hose to squirt water into the holes (they must have a technical name) and low and behold lots of debris squirted out the first one. This was mopped up from the next bilge down and the process repeated until we arrived at the main bilge. It was strangely satisfying to see clean water start in the forward cabin and quickly disperse through all the bilges to arrive still fresh in the sump. The secret bilge is still not fully clean but one more week will see to that. The final task of the week end was installing the windlass. I had a custom made backing plate galvanised and after much fiddling managed to get the windlass in place and the backing plate installed. Final gel coating of the shelf will see this job ticked off. I can't wait to load the chain with the windlass and see the spanking new and shiny drop forged stainless steel Lewmar CQR take its pride of place.