A Third of The Way

Week 27. How time flies. Am I having fun? Well yes and maybe. The realisation that 26 weeks have gone and we have another 52 to go before Sephina is in the water has started to make me take stock of what we have done and what has yet to be done. There is no doubt that jobs take far longer than expected and added to that is the constant discovery of new jobs. I remember the purchase surveyor saying that apart from the steering we could set sail in Sephina now. So what we are doing is putting Sephina into first class condition and adding "luxury" systems? Probably. So what has been done so far? 1. The planning of all the refit. 2. 90% of the bilges cleaned, pumps restored, painted and checked working. 3. Windlass, chain and anchor replaced. 4. 50% of teak decking replaced. 5. 30% of laundry room prepared. 6. Space prepared for Air Con, Generator and water maker. 7. 50% of galley refurbished. 8. Rudder and helm refitted, serviced and replaced. 9. Standing rigging replaced. 10 Lots of little jobs too numerous to photograph or mention. So what is left? Generator, watermaker, aircon, hatch replacement, port light replacement, forward sonar, deck wash, interior refurbishment, SSB and the washing machine. Is 12 months enough? I suppose it all depends how fussy we are and so far we have been fussy!

So what has happened this week. The bilges have continued to be cleaned and this week we started to test the system by power squirting water in the bow and stern to see if it flowed quickly to the main bilge. Water from the bow flowed quickly and cleanly. Job done. Water from the stern just disappeared! It transpired that it was nicely filling up the foot of the double bed in the aft cabin. There was an absence of a limber hole to drain it. Also no limber hole from the locker under the pillow end of the bed so new holes drilled, pipe added and epoxied in place. We are looking forward to pouring in water at both ends next week and seeing if it arrives in the main bilge. As you can see we are getting excited by small things! Additionally the anchor locker lid continues to be restored and should be ready for painting next week.

Sad news this week was that the shipwright fitting the deck had a nasty fall off a yacht on the hard and fractured both wrists. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. It has made us much more conscious of working 3m off the ground and we have surrounded Sephina with warning tape. As the shipwright will be out of commission for several weeks we are having to re plan our schedule as jobs we had planned to do after the deck was complete will now have to be brought forward. Not ideal but essential if we are to avoid last minute panic a year from now.