New season starts

Week 29. Everybody else is launching their boats for the start of the season. My mates are down in Port Solent racing in the NHS regatta. I'm here mixing epoxy. Interestingly I am not jealous just frustrated that it all seems so slow. However a number of jobs are nearing completion and my wife is getting excited that the bilges are beginning to do what they were supposed to do. The test was to spray a hose in both the bow and stern cabins and joy of joys the water flowed through all the right routes to the main bilge. Victory. Painting will begin. Jobs in progress are the conversion of the forward head pump to the second manual bilge, installing the high pressure pump for the anchor wash and replacing the aft rudder locker hatch cover. Surprisingly the direct Lewmar replacement has the attachment holes all in the wrong place. Well out of 27 attachment holes 1 was in the original place! Why do they do this!

Also started this week end is the conversion of the forward heads to a laundry room. This was an unintentional start, brought about by the fitting of the second manual bilge seacock and the fact that I couldn't install it without removing the sink. This proved to be a tough job. Oyster know how to secure a sink fitting! I finally had to resort to a reciprocating saw!