Before and nearly after

Week 30. How "after" does it need to be. A few weeks ago I set up a before and after section of the photo site. Plenty of before but for the after it is difficult to decide at what point a job is complete. I know I am getting obsessed with bilges but the initial photo of an oily main bilge horrified me. So here is the before and after with a link to the photo section for more comparisons. I hope over time this becomes bigger and bigger and I know that this week end I didn't take as many pictures as I should have done. It is getting increasingly hard to pause, clean up and get the camera ready. The photograph on the left shows a pipe in the top left  which is in fact the blue water pipe seen in the picture on the right. Next week I am going to calculate the number of hours that it has taken to get the bilges to this point. Painting has begun and it is harder work than my wife and I expected. Confined spaces, working from above and avoiding spilling on the teak are all hazards that make this a challenge. A couple more week ends will see this through.