New and replacement

Week 31. A fun week end. More work on the hatch replacement, bilge cleaning and the start of installation of the forward sonar. The latter requires the thru hull transducer to be level with respect to the sea. The hole in the hull for the redundant water intake for the forward heads was just in the right place. To make a wedge to level the fitting required a bit of thought. In the end I decided an empty marvel milk container was just the right size and acted as a good mould to level the hull shape. It's easier to see in the photographs. The model is the newly released EchoPilot FLS 2D with the professional transducer. The display unit will fit nicely on the bulkhead near to the current depth display. As this week we are on holiday for a few days we will get a couple more to work on the boat. My brother came over from Oswestry and helped in both the Sonar fairing and the fitting of the hatches. It was good to have an engineer used to maintenance and fabrication to help advise. The hatch fitting was significantly more difficult than expected. In the main this revolved around the diameter hole for the self tappers. What I learnt was for self tappers fitting into wood a pilot hole is all that is required. For self tappers into epoxy then the hole needs to be exact diameter to avoid binding.  Also note worthy this week is the beginning of the painting of the secret bilge. I don't know how my wife contorts to get access to paint but she does. I will photograph to check it is done properly! Most of the rest of the bilges are now painted and when we get a chance to tidy up I will post the photographs.