No Access

Week 38. The big jobs have started and Sephina is all wrapped up for painting the top sides. It has not been possible to get on to her to do any jobs. This meant a downtime weekend so there was an expectation that this would be filled with a retail therapy. found the Hilton in Manchester for £50 per night. Bargin. As the sales were on it would have been churlish not to get the credit card out to reward my wife's 7 months in the bilges! Is a Mulberry hand bag worth the same as a Lewmar disengagement wheel? Well I guess it is all relative. The undercoat spraying of the topsides revealed that we were going to need more paint! The first coat barely covered up the old paint. This might be because it was formally blue and therefore a strong colour to cover. A quick order for more paint was the only option and it looks like 3 coats of undercoat and 3 coats of topcoat will be required. Hopefully by the next week end the painting will be complete and we can get access again. There are a number of jobs that are near completion and it will be nice to tick them off.