Slow Access

Week 39. The painting took longer than expected. What a surprise. There was lots of thinking, checking of manufacturer's instructions and worry. All turned out to be not worth worrying about. In the end there were 3 undercoats and 3 topcoats. There was a slight orange peel effect but this reduced over time. On sunday we removed the masking material and it all looks fab. The colour is great. The off white looks a lot better than pure white. Barry remained calm throughout and was not phased by my request to add a final topcoat to give it depth. Reminded me of the value of having a calm but fussy project manger.

Today we checked the draft name transfer and put it up to the transom to see if it was the correct size. Turns out to be a bit small so I will redraft and make it a few points bigger.

Another job finished today was the disengagement wheel. The wheel was custom made by Lewmar but they were not completely on the money as they had not made a constellation classic 100 before. The main problem was the centre hub finish. They provided a brake spinner but as the break is a shaft break on the old helms this would not fit. A bit of persuasion resulted in a new boss created with a M12 thread and I tapped a thread in the brass centre to oblige. The result is great and well worth the trouble. Link to photos here.