The goodies arrive

Week 40. The paint has dried the masking has been removed and the polishing and finishing has begun. Lost of activity this week as a number of contractors have been on the boat working or planning. Carl from TLC has been wiring the windlass and lots of other electrical jobs too numerous to mention on this update. The engineer has been on to plan the replacement of the engine control panel. Turns out he also had an Oyster so if very familiar with Sephina's set up. The big jobs have also started to be planned. The watermaker, aircon and generator have all arrived and are sitting on the boat. Barry from TLC is coordinating the install and needs to prepare the hull and interiour to take the various systems. The week end was a general tidy up and starting to put back together the engine water intake system and also the fresh water systems. Next week end sees the family off on another sailing course with Frank from North Wales Power and Sail so there will be a two week end lull in the DIY.