Are we turning a corner?

Week 43. Back to the shed after sailing was in some ways a relief. Not a lot has happened but so much is to happen. TLC has started to make the mounting for the air con unit and the water maker. This is not a simple as envisaged because Barry from TLC came up with the ingenious plan to mount the air con unit under the chart table rather than using vital space in the old water tank. This will free up space to make the second water tank bigger or provide more storage space. The area under the chart table is extremely tight but just about doable! It requires the mounting to be flush with the stringer just visible behind the platform top on the photograph on the right. This week end the platform was glassed in and is awaiting painting and final fixing. The platform in the old water tank is ready for the water maker and Rowlands of Pwllheli are back on Sephina on Thursday. Also this week end the dingy cleaning and polishing was completed and a start was made to cleaning the mast. In addition the valve assembly for isolating the calorifier from the engine as recommended by the surveyor was started.