Lots of activity but progress!

Week 44. It is all go and a major job is finished. The repainting of the top sides has taken some time but the end result is fantastic. Sephina now looks classy. It will be nice to see her out in natural light next year. Rowlands Marine have been on to start fitting the water maker, air con and generator. The plinth for the water maker was fabricated by TLC Boat Repairs as was the shelf for the air con unit. This enabled Dave and Oz from Rowlands to make a flying start. The generator positioning in the lazaret has proved to be quite a challenge. It has involved making a special stainless steel mount to lower the unit to enable it to fit in a very tight space. It has also meant that the autopilot drive will have to be relocated from the port to starboard side. This will also require a special fabrication. As the professionals have been busy so have I. The surveyor recommended the calorifier needed to be able to be isolated in the event of a leak, so I have made a couple of ball valve assemblies to server the purpose. I have also fitted a speed seal for the engine water pump so it is easy to replace in an emergency. Finally my wife continues in her cleaning mode and has progressed cleaning the mast. I have also fitted the first mast step but this has proved domestic rivet guns are not up to the job on monal rivets. Progress is accelerating.