Now we are being fussy

Week 45. The saloon woodwork below the forward windows is slightly stained probably due to slight water ingress which appears to have undergone some repair. The view is that these stains will be impossible to remove unless the whole veneer is replaced. To replace the veneer the windows have to be taken out. As they are out we have decided to send them off for refurbishment. We are getting fussy. The removal was quite straight forward using the suggested method of a G Clamp and wood arch as per the portlights. They have been sent off to South East Windows and i will report back on their return. Also work in progress this week end has been the mast step fitting. With some slight problems getting the rivet gun in to position, solved by a post on PBO forum the first step in fixed. Only 30 to go! I have decided to invest in an air rivet gun to make the process a little less fraught. A lot of this boat is sourced from ebay and designed by Practical Boat Owner Forum. What did we do before the internet? The generator etc has come to a stop while we figure out how to replace the autopilot drive. It was though that it could be swapped over from the port side where the generator is to be positioned, to the starboard side. However this is now looking impossible. The advice so far it to replace it with a different design. More £20 notes to be ripped up in the shower to simulate boat ownership. But I have to admit that the Simrad DD15 looks a very robust unit designed for 24hour operation. It's only money. No eating out for a month, or is it a year!