Week 46. Some of the jobs are on hold as we await the wood to fabricate the domestic control panel which will house the watermaker, generator and battery monitors. This is being fitted to the starboard side where there was a bookshelf. Unfortunately the teak faced ply that arrived from Robbins Timber looked more like a zebra than teak. It has taken some time for them to accept that it will not match any of the existing interior and we are hopeful that the replacement wood will arrive mid week. So there is a delay again. I suppose it is like building a house only more complicated. Rowlands the marine electronics company are waiting as they need to mount some panels before they complete. So jobs I did this weekend include finishing the one side of the mast steps and mounting the new shore power inlet. The mast steps were relatively easy but the lazy tongue riveter took some punishment and my shoulder ached on the last of the 60 rivets. I think I will use the air riveter next time when I do the other side. The shore power outlet has always looked suspicious, being plastic and without any visible means of covering the pins. Rowlands suggested a new stainless steel 32 amp one, so I fitted it but it required a bit of gel coat repair as the hole centres were different. Another one for the before and after pics.