A girl named Maria

Well I haven't blogged much lately but I have not been too well. My right eye has been playing up and our owners have been faffing about using creams from their cat medical kit. It just isn't getting better and now I have the ignominy of leaving drippy marks on pillows and sheets from the watery discharge. I have made hints that it is troubling me and finally the owners summoned help. I was bundled into the cat basket and whisked off to the Grenadian Society for the protection of Animals. We were taken there by a funny man all dressed up in yellow. He had a yellow taxi as well. I wasn't surprised to hear my owners call him by his name "Yellow". If that was my name I'd change it. Anyway we waited in the Vets for a while. I always hate this part because there is always a dog running around trying to look cute. If I could get out of the cat basket I'd show him who is cute!

Well we finally went into the clinic and I was met by a wonderful girl called Maria. What a dame. She quickly spotted the problem and gave me some antibiotic eye drops. I even excused her putting a thermometer up my nether regions. That was two days ago and now my eye is so much better. So what else have I been up to. Well in Grenada the most popular pastime is "Liming" This involves spending a lot of time doing nothing. I approve of this and have become quite an expert. Peri on the other hand has become an escape artist. He has been off the boat several times without his leash. He needs to chill and discover Liming.

Thornton (Boss Cat)

still chillin'


My favourite owner hasn’t been very well recently.  She had an accident and had a big bandage on her face. She couldn’t talk for a few days and wanted to sleep quite a lot. I was very worried and kept a close eye on her but she didn’t like me pawing at the bandage. She’s looking better now so I must’ve helped.


Our owners have got some friends that come over to see us quite a bit. Thornton is besotted with Debbie and just throws himself at her. She then has to tickle his tummy. It’s very undignified and I’ve told him not to be so desperate but he won’t listen. Stephen’s more of a challenge. I cosy up to him and rest my chin on his hand but he doesn’t get the hint. I even look up at him lovingly but he’s having none of it. I don’t know how he can resist me as I know how silky my fur is and if he just stroked me once he’d be smitten. He goes upstairs sometimes and chews on something that’s on fire. There’s lots of smoke and the owners have put a bowl up there for him to put the bits in when he’s finished. I think he enjoys doing this but I don’t see the point. 


Thornton and I went for a walk the other day looking for our owner. Debbie spotted us on the pontoon and shooed us back to our boat. Thornton put me up to it but he didn’t get into trouble which is typical. If I’d been on my own I’d have had a right dressing down!

Carnival craziness

Grenada Queen 2014The whole of Grenada is now in recovery mode after days of dancing, loud music, drinking and general over merriment. There were various events leading up to it all including the Beauty Queen Pageant at the National Stadium.  We turned up there at 6.45pm for a 7pm start and they were still building the stage!  We had the pick of all the seats and sat patiently waiting for the start.  I asked a sleepy woman on the popcorn stand when it would start and she just said “Soon. Be patient”. Some smartly dressed police arrived and the lady in charge shouted up in our direction “English!” so I prodded everyone to stand up. It turned out she was calling a policeman behind us called English.  Eventually it started, just before 9pm. Lots of dancers and then the 7 contestants came on and each gave a short speech about their given topic.  They were well rehearsed and very passionate.  One was about domestic abuse.  They then paraded in their swimming costumes and had the most ridiculously long legs. Then it was the carnival costumes, which were huge and very colourful. When they all got on the stage together there was a bit of jostling and cramped dancing. After that a local singer came on gyrating his hips and thrusting his pelvis, resulting in all the big ladies in the crowd standing up and wiggling their bottoms at him.  He jumped over the security fences and ended up a few rows from us doing unspeakable things to a large lady. The audience loved him. We were shocked.  I bought some fudge from an innocent old lady at a sweet stall and it turned out to be chilli fudge. The sly woman. It was hot!

On another evening we went to watch the Panarama which is the adult steel band competition.  They were brilliant and very talented.

Jab JabThe carnival got into full swing on Monday morning with the Jab-Jab procession. It started during the night and into the early hours. We couldn’t sleep as there was loud music blaring out from 11pm and we got up at 5am to watch them trail past the marina. The men were covered head to toe in black oil and were carrying chains. They were mostly drunk and dancing about wildly. We’d been warned to wear old clothes as they were known to grab people and get oil everywhere. We watched for about 30 minutes, marvelling at a woman in front of us that was effortlessly moving her bottom in impossible directions.  It seemed to be detached from the rest of her body.  There was another procession in the evening which we missed but the following day there was yet another procession. It started about 3pm and went on until 5.30pm. It was so colourful and everyone seemed to be taking part in the dancing and fun.


I went for a run on Wednesday morning after the 2 days of endless partying and the place was like a ghost town. There was oil all over the roads and pavements and oily handprints on buildings, boats, lorries and even the police car.


Next week is Chocolate Week? Any excuse to party.


Learning to cook

EsterI can’t cook to save my life and will do anything to avoid the humiliation of failure so it may surprise you that I’ve become a fan of the weekly cookery classes. We go for the entertainment factor provided by Esther and Omega, the very able and funny duo that host it. I sit there unable to understand half of what they’re talking about and only half listening, to be honest, while my friend Debbie (swot!) gets out her notebook and neatly takes notes on the handouts. After watching them prepare a dish we are treated to one they prepared earlier and all happily tuck in to whatever it is. Last week was flying fish in gravy and this week we had Thai chicken and it looked relatively easy so I made the stupid decision to announce that I'd cook it in a couple of weeks when it’s my turn to do Friday supper. Fortunately the sauce can be done in advance and frozen so that will stop me stressing about it for the next couple of weeks. Another reason I’m a fan of these events is that there’s a lovely little gift shop at that marina and they do a mean rum punch at the bar.


July came and went

Amelie Day OutSo what did we get up to in July?

Our friends from Amelie, Stephen and Debbie, had a couple of their friends over from the UK for a couple of weeks and they were great fun. Mike was hilarious and it’s always good to meet like minded people, we had such a laugh with them. We sailed Amelie around to a place called Whisper Cove where we had lunch, played with the paddle board and a had a quick swim before heading back to the marina. It was a lovely day and provided good memories that Clive managed to capture on video.

We’ve done a few jobs on the boat. Clive asked me to take a plug out of the dinghy while it was up on the davits so I balanced on my paddle board underneath to do it and got covered in the most foul smelling water imaginable. I was not impressed and hot footed it up to the showers.

We watched the football up at the bar and were sitting with a group of very lively Trinidadian’s when the epic Germany v Brasil match was on. Our neighbours on the pontoon are German and were embarrassed at the score.

We went on our first hash run and were instantly converted. (It has nothing to do with drugs and if you google Grenada Hash House Harriers all will be revealed.) Basically, you turn up at a given point, announced a couple of days in advance, and then follow a trail through the hills that has been marked with clumps of shredded paper. There are false trails that lead you down dead ends and it’s usually about 2.5 miles.  Start of HashThere’s a hash every Saturday afternoon and as they are at different locations each week it’s a really good way to see the island. Our first hash was quite tame but the second one had us wading through 3 stretches of river and climbing up and down muddy banks. Very exhilarating and very messy. There’s beer and food at the end of the hash and it’s great fun taking part.

We’ve got into the routine of going in the dinghy around to Coconut Beach bar for Sunday lunch. There’s always live music and as we’re sat on the beach under a little thatched roof it’s not a bad way to spend Sunday. The entertainment also involves the local lads running along the dinghy dock and jumping into the water, throwing each other into the water and generally having a ball.

I found a local vet that was able to do the cats’ annual vaccinations so we took them there for a general check up and got their passports updated. 

One of the guys on our pontoon had his 50th birthday and invited us all to his party up at the marina and we all ended up on the beach sat around a bonfire having a drink or two or three.

We went to a cookery demonstration at one of the other marinas on the south of the island. They showed us how to do a local dish called ‘oil down’.  It contained pig’s nose and other indescribable bits that we didn’t want to know about. Not a recipe that I’ll use again but Clive thinks he can do an upmarket version.

Activities are ramping up for carnival time in August and we went to one of the nearby villages to listen to their junior steel band rehearsing.  They were brilliant and there were some very cute little girls playing drums bigger than themselves. One had to stand on a beer crate to reach the drums.

Other than that we’ve walked into town, cycled around a bit and just generally had a good time. 

  Bring on the carnival! Beach FireSteel Band