A good season

Oyster 406 October 2012. Sorry to all but I have been sailing instead of updating the blog. So after the "First Trip" Sephina has been out and about most week ends. This has been actively restricted to my wife and I so we can get experience together of short handed sailing. We have found our rhythm and now can get in and out of marinas, anchor, set the spinnaker and generally get about without too much drama. So far we have had several trips through the straits to Caernarfon via the Swellies, spent nights at anchor, visited Beaumaris and done our first circumnavigation. OK around Anglesey is not a vast circumnavigation but small steps. Throughout this time Sephina has been a solid and comfortable boat. She has served us well and most if not all the work and modifications have been worthwhile. There is of course jobs still to do and some systems still need fine tuning. This week end was the first trip out without my wife and some work colleagues joined me for the second trip around Anglesey. What a great week end. The weather was perfect and the trip down the western side under parasailor was idyllic shortly followed by lunch in the sunshine in Pilots Cove.

So what now. Well the season is nearly over and we have decided to make the major decision of replacing the engine. I have agonised long and hard over this but in the end it is the only system left that is not been replaced or upgraded. As we intend to go for several years it would probably have been necessary at some point so while we are around people we know and trust best to get it sorted. Also on the list for this winter are, extend the copper coat upwards, fit the broad band satellite system, replace the batteries, upgrade the battery charging, fit the holding tank and forward heads, replace a couple of split teak planks on the deck and work out where everything is going to be stowed.

Additionally my wife has been busy doing her Ships Medical Course so she can stitch me up!!!!