Port Number 4 Cork

03/08/2013 After a very rough journey from Kilmore Quay we are settled in Crosshaven near Cork. The journey was not the best! On the Thursday evening the forecast looked hopeless and a quick talk with the harbour master confirmed that we were not going anywhere on the Friday. Watching breakfast telly in bed and having my first cup of coffee we were rudely awakened by Jon opening the hatch, setting the alarm off and announcing we were going to make a run for it to Cork. As we were berthed outside him we had no choice but to prepare for departure. I hadn't done a passage plan or even thought about the journey. Before we could think we were off. The start was in a FS 4 and fairly Ok but as the day progressed the wind and seas built to an occasional FS6 with an Atlantic swell. At one point a wave broke across the Bimini. Click on the picture on the right to see some video. As usual it never looks so rough on film. Ju was down below looking after cats and herself so I had 10 hours of solo sailing. I was relieved to see the harbour entrance for Cork but soon even that was not so simple. A pilot boat came along side and asked us to keep a look out for a large passenger ship comming from out of the rain astern. Within a few moments he was not joking! We scarpered into safer water. The entrance to Crosshaven marina was up the river and the boys from the Royal Cork Yacht Club took our lines that made an easy end to a difficult day. Jon arrived 2 hours later after the boys had gone so I guided him into a vacant berth. They too had had a difficult time. After a quick G&T my spirit was restored and it was soon a passing memory as we had dinner and were warmly welcomed by the RCYC. My wife quickly advised Jon that we were not going anywhere until this low has passed! A day of jobs ensued and we were invited over to dinner on the good ship Kika. They did us proud with smoked salmon entrée washed down with Moet, followed with beef stew and apple pie. And as is the tradition on board Kika they played Irish music to entertain us. I even learned in the hight of the FS6 one of the crew was playing the tin whistle. A versatile lot. Today, Saturday we went to Cork town by bus and did some shopping. We are planning the "Film Night" to return the hospitaliy to Kika but can't decide between "Master and Commander" or "The Guard" both appropriate for different reasons.