Post Biscay

Oyster 406So what has happened since the Biscay crossing. Well the fuel problem was sorted with the help of James from Kika. The tank was opened, cleaned and the fuel given away. It is hard to describe the detritus found in the tank and the biggest piece was 32mm across. So now we have new fuel, changed fuel filters yet again and the engine has run smoothly ever since. It was sad to say goodbye to Phil who joined in Ireland for the crossing. He is one of those people who are fun to be around, are always looking at the up side and has wit and intelligence in equal measure. Thanks mate. Also goodbye to our new friend Ray who joined us via the crew seeker website. His experience and calm was always welcome and a man of few words but those spoken needed attention.  So our stay in A Coruna was a little longer than expected. The town was in fact very nice indeed. A good chandlers and fine restaurants. I leave the tourist stuff to "Pink and Fluffy". On Tuesday Ian and Carol, fellow 406 owners, arrived and it was great to compare notes. Ostegra is a fine 406 and being a later hull number than ours is in fantastic condition, the interior woodwork is fantastic and has spurred me on to continue to irk out the blemishs on Sephina. Ian gave me good advice on the tank cleaning and has a wealth of information and handy tips. On Wednesday we set off for Camarinas a lovely Ria and it was a bit into the wind so the engine was used to get us there but the arrival was worth it. No English spoken and a small marina with a great restaurant and bar. Bliss. Today we set off for Portosin and passed Finistarre in the fog. Luckily it lifted just in time but the photo opertunity was lost. So we are heading south again after a week of little progress. The cats have started a blog and I have no idea how they get internet access. Pesky devils.