As we are about to leave Spain and I thought I would reflect on life so far. The journey has had it's ups and downs but the ups significantly out way the downs. The rough second part of the Biscay crossing has faded and the day sails in the Spanish Rias  have been a delight.  It is a shame that we have to "rush"  to Lagos to make the crossing for the ARC. I can see why if you stay too long you may never leave.  There are many cruisers who say once you have left the Rias you are leaving real life and entering tourism. Lets hope not. The living on the boat is in fact a delight. The preparation on those cold days in Conwy has certainly paid off. We have a very comfortable existence. TV, Internet, HD films, washing machine,ice maker and espresso coffee all add to the even better lifestyle of just sitting out on deck admiring the sunset in another great location. Sephina  herself is attracting lots of attention and she certainly looks fantastic as Ju keeps her shining. So the downs, missing family, friends and old work colleagues. I hope the blog keeps us in contact to some extent and thank goodness for our good Internet access on the boat. We use it more than we imagined. We are currently in Baiona in northern Spain and setting off for Portugal tomorrow. Yesterday we had the privilege of seeing the Spanish Cycling tour pass through the town. What a spectacle. As an avid TV Tour de France follower it was a great experience to see the breakaway rush through closely followed by the peloton. And boy does the peloton rush past. You can feel the wind created and the closeness of the riders is breathtaking. On our last day in Spain we are preparing for the next leg and it will be an early night tonight.