End of Chapter 2

If I was writing a book this would be the end of chapter 2, chapter 1 being the buying, refurbishing and sea trials of Sephina. It would be a long chapter full of technical details that would put the average reader to sleep. Chapter 2 would be the beginning of the round the world adventure and would finish with our arrival at Lagos in Portugal. So that is where we are. So much has happened but today we went to the beach and had a swim. Now that doesn't sound significant but it is. I would like to say it was a day without boat jobs but the morning saw fixing the holding tank pump out, and checking the autopilot drag link. But back to the significance..... sailing around the world should be about getting to exotic places and enjoying the culture and life. Well the fact we had time to go to the beach was a delight. As to the culture I am not sure the Algarve can be classed as a new culture as everyone speaks English and the restaurants and bars are either owned by English families of cater for them. But the beach was fantastic. Gold sand and lovely Atlantic breakers and although initially a bit parky it soon warmed up. There will be more beaches to enjoy and I will need to invent a scoring system to rate them. So if I give it 5 that gives both room for improvement and latitude to reflect the truly awful. Lets hope we never score less. I am reminded of a Jeremy Clarkson article where he reflected on what makes a great beach, white sand, miles of palm trees, clean blue sea and no tourists. However that means no beach bars for that cool beer, no water sports and no sun-beds and would have third world infrastructure to support.  OK so maybe the St.Tropez beaches are at the other extreme of the spectrum but I am determined to find my ideal beach. I have a sneaking feeling it will have to have Wi-Fi!!!!!

So what next. The preparation for the crossing to the Canaries, the parting of our friends from Kika who are off to Morocco and the looking forward to our new friends from Gozwaz and there will be more tales to tell I am sure. So tonight we are taking the crew of Kika, Jon, Colin and our engineering support James out for a fish dinner to say thank you for being our mother ship for chapter 2.