Your heart stops when you see blood in your urine. If you are female there are lots of innocent causes but if you are male less so. My one piece of advise is do not google “blood in urine” it will give you nightmares. And so it happened to me the day Matt and Steph set off back to the UK after helping us across the pond. A visit to the local medical practice in Rodney Bay resulted in a batch of medical tests, Blood, Urine and Ultrasound. An anxious few days followed waiting for the result of the tests but the blood continued and the tests were all clear. The local doctor then wanted to refer me to a Urologist. At this point you start to think are you doing the right thing. Luckily our friends and owners of Gozwaz who also did the ARC were two doctors, Haematologist and a GP. Their strong view was to go back to the UK to get a CT scan. Ju would stay to look after the cats. The flight booked and a few calls to ex-colleagues and I was back in the UK having a CT the following day with real time reporting. All well! Phew. The diagnosis, kidney stones. I had passed a kidney stone which was still in the bladder and after seeing the Urologist I was listed for a stent as a day case. I was staying with Carina, Dave and Luke who looked after me and I took the couple of days as an opportunity to visit Steph and Matt in Porthcawl. We went to look at the wedding venue where they will be married in November. They have chosen well. The day surgery went well until the following Thursday when I was admitted as an emergency with acute abdominal pain that even morphine wouldn’t ease. A few days in hospital and Ju flew back to the UK while we got this all sorted. Things stabilised and the Urologist let me fly back to St Lucia to return in a month to have the stent removed. Another quick trip home and a simple outpatient procedure and all is well. Thanks to all the family, friends and ex-colleagues who made the whole affair bearable and quick. I know strings were pulled.