Blue Lagoon and St Vincent

After the stay in Young Island we dinghy-ed over to Blue Lagoon to check out the marina. Blue Lagoon was a big Sunsail Charter base but they have departed to Rodney Bay leaving the economy devastated. The Marina is trying to get back on track and is a great facility. The Cruising Guide still has it listed as a Sunsail Base and also warns of a difficult passage to the lagoon. The reality is that RazMike is at hand. He zaps out to meet you and will pilot you through the deep water channel in the reef. Do not attempt this yourself. He is very skilled and has taken us through 4 times over the weeks. On one occasion the swell was so big we were surfing in on the waves. I was glad RazMike was on the helm. The marina has two great bar restaurants The Black Pearl and Flowt Bar with great views of sunsets over Young Island. The Capital is Kingstown and a bus ride like no other takes you there. The “Vans” take 14 passengers but most of the time they squeeze in 20 with a guy riding “shotgun” whose job it is to find passengers and squeeze them in. With accompanying loud music and fast driving this makes the journey and experience! Kingstown is vibrant and gritty. We never felt afraid and despite the obvious poverty the people were extremely friendly. We love Kingstown and visited it on many occasions. It is one of the places we could live and remains largely undiscovered principally because St Vincent lacks an international airport. This is all set to change soon and we had the amazing experience of driving onto the runway at the construction site of Argyle airport. Despite the lack of tourism the authorities list 32 must do’s and we have done 18 of them so far. The highlights have been Montreal Gardens, the Mespo Valley, a climb up the Volcano, a road trip up the windward side with our friend Raymond the sail maker from Blue Lagoon and Salt Pond at Owia