Hookah Dive System

Ju using the Hookah When we planned the trip we realised we needed the ability to dive under the hull in case of emergency to free a rope for example. There were numerous small dive systems on the market but their small size meant limited underwater time. They were also bulky to store and needed dive certification to refill. On passage there was no way to refill the tank so this seemed a poor option. We then found the Hookah system. I have read many posts on the forums of people asking why can’t you just have a long snorkel tube and breath through that. I will not go into the physics here but below about a metre it is almost impossible for the lungs to suck air. The Hookah system uses a small compressor to pump the air down the tube and a low-pressure regulator for the diver to breath. We imported the Canadian system from Sea-Breath. We tried it out today and it is easy to set up and we have both dived to inspect and start cleaning the hull. For some reason the motor seems reluctant to start so requires a little tap to get it going, but once started it sings along nicely. So our hull should be nice and clean for our arrival in Port Louis Grenada on Tuesday.