What is this all about? Sephina of Beaumaris

Oyster 406

Oyster 406 Sephina:- I know I am not alone in deciding a few years ago that I was not going to end up in a nursing home dribbling without at least seeing some of the world. Sailing the world seemed to be the best option. I made it a life ambition to circumnavigate. There are lots of fantastic sites recounting the journey of fellow sailors so I thought I would do my bit and try to document the story from the beginning. (see Recent News for updates) I'm not sure where the beginning was. It could have been when I said to my wife "I'm going around the world on a yacht and if you want to come you need to learn to sail" or was it when I parted with the cheque for the boat. Over the next few years I will attempt to record the dream, the purchase, the refurbishment, the preparation and the journey. Happy reading.

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There are two blogs, one at "Recent News" and the other my wife's view of the story at "Pink and Fluffy" and general pictures of "Sailing the world"