Copper Coat

Week 48. What to do with the hull? We were lucky that in the same yard Andy and Sue brought their Rassey for a new deck. They already had extensive experience of Blue Water Cruising and were having a Copper Coat applied. Their view was that it was particularly effective in tropical waters and they had lots of R&R as their fellow cruisers were gradually rubbing off their conventional anti foul as the red hair engulfed it. It didn't take long to be convinced and Sephina was prepped for the application of Copper Coat. This involved stripping the old anti foul, 3 coats of epoxy and then 3 coats of copper coat. The actual product was actually Coppersheild 2000. It looks fantastic just like the hull. The question now is do we add a Boot Top. So far I think the answer is yes but it is going to be tricky to mask the hull and abrade ready for the blue line to be painted. Worth the effort I think. This week end my wife and I fitted another 5 mast steps. They were not as easy as expected as some of the rivets pulled through before the mandrel snapped. Drilling them out is not easy but as our lives will depend on them being well attached there was no option but to do it properly. Another job was to cut out a hole on the old water tank to take the new water outlet from the soon to be installed stainless steel tank to fit alongside the water maker.